The Online Home Business Report

Home Business Report

Home Business Report

1st of all let me congratulate you for wanting a “home business” rather than just looking for “work from home” or “make money online”…

You’ll notice there’s a difference in the wording and it’s an important difference!

Yes, of course you want the freedom of being able to work from home, and yes, you want to be able to make money online!

BUT it needs to be a real business and NOT just a hobby, and that starts right from “step 1″…

If you don’t don’t get it right from the start you will end up with a “hobby” that not only sucks up all your spare time, but also ends up costing you money, rather than making you money.

That’s what we’re here to help you with, to make sure you know how to avoid that simple pitfall and get you on the right track in your new online marketing business right from the start…

We’ll be adding a free Home Business Report Plan shortly, along with another free report covering a whole bunch of very useful (and mostly free) internet marketing tools and resources.

You’ll find them all with the other affiliate marketing free reports on the Business Report Page

Managing Bad Habits

Managing Your Bad Habits

I’ve had a bit of a realization over the last few days, one that has helped me to increase my productivity big time!

I’ve become used to listening to music while working and about a week ago I read an article (I forget exactly where) on productivity that suggested listening to music can effect some peoples ability to focus while they’re working.

This was news to me and something I’d never considered before, so I thought I’d check it out myself by switching off the music for a few days…

It turns out that for me they are right, I’ve been more focused and got more work done since I switched off the music than I usually would!

It just goes to show how we can pick up potentially bad habits without even realizing it, hence this blog post, to remind us all we should stand back and check what we’re doing in our working environment, just in case a bad habit has somehow snuck in.

Now I’m not suggesting the music thing is going to be true for everyone, I suspect there are many people who actually find the right music helps them focus, but perhaps there’s something else you’re doing that’s not helping, take a few minutes to think about it and see if there’s anything you can test out.

10 Productivity Tips

My Top 10 Productivity Tips

~ 1. Have a Daily “To Do” List

I actually keep this on a paper “Post It” pad right by my keyboard, so I can’t ignore it. I found that using a spreadsheet or file on my PC for this was just too easy for me to ignore…

I always try to write up the next days “To Do” list at the end of the day, so it’s ready for the next day, this also helps me “review” what I’ve got done in the day.

I’ve also found that if I can put one task that I’ve been “putting off” at the top of the list and get that done first, the rest of the tasks on the list tend to seem easier to get done and I get more of them done.

~ 2. Only Check Your Email at Certain Times

I’ve got to admit I’m far from perfect on this one, but I have found when I keep my email program closed and only check it 2 or 3 times during the day I DO get a lot more work done.

~ 3. Set your Instant Messenger Status to Busy, or even offline

Free Blog Post Graphics Tool

Creating Graphics for blog posts [free software download]

If you’re like me, when you’re doing a blog post the last thing on your mind is a cool/funky/interesting graphic to go with it, right?

The problem is we really do need to add them, they capture peoples attention and Google prefer your posts that have extra elements on them (e.g. pics, videos etc.), and they’re more likely to catch attention (and potentially go viral) on social media sites like facebook…

so really we should be adding a pic to every post we do, but that can be such a pain in the ‘neck’! ;-)

there are some obvious options to make life easy: –

1. Use the product pic if there is one – example post:

My mum’s blog got hacked

2. use a pic from your own collection of photos (at least you know you’ve got complete rights to do so) – example post:

Three Backlinking Mistakes

3. get a little creative with some free software, which is what I’ve been doing with some of my latest blog sposts, and it really does help with the social media “shares” & “likes”!

Stop Procrastination and Time Wasting

Stop Procrastination and Time Wasting

NEW PLR Videos on something everyone has trouble with?

My friend Jason has just released an awesome PLR video package on a HOT topic!

This is something everyone has trouble with, myself included:

Distraction Removal

Here’s what’s included in this package:

* A Sales Letter From A Top Copywriter

* 9 Unbranded Private Label Videos

* A Professional Mini Site Graphics Design

* A Professional Sales Video

* Transcripts, Power Point Slides & Mp3’s

As you can see, you are getting everything you need to start raking in with this PLR video series today…

…AND also, everything you need to truly make this PLR video series unique to YOU!

So go check it out now: Distraction Removal

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Learning From The Best

Learning From The Best

One of the most effective ways of making sure you succeed in any venture, business or otherwise, is to make sure you learn from the very best at what ever it is, an Online Home Business is no exception!

I recently let all my email subscribers know about a very special chance to not only learn from one of the guys (Tony Shepherd) who I take the time to ‘spy on’ (aka learn from), but also to get the last 12 months editions of his private, monthly paid newsletter for under $10.

Now I’m not sure if that offer is still open, you can check here if you missed it – Best WSO of 2011 , but I can tell you he’s released a brand new course that is all about leveraging one of the very biggest ‘internet marketing’ sites on the net to make a real solid online income in a short period of time, to build your own home business in super short time!

This isn’t just some light weight ‘theory’ plr, this is the case study of exactly how he has done this himself, so it’s based on his own, very real, results!

NicheReaper Review

NicheReaper Review

NicheReaper is a new auto keyword research and niche market research system that provides members with hundreds of new highly valuable, easy to rank for new niche markets every day, it even includes all the best keywords to target in the niche so you can build an authority site and dominate the niche!

NicheReaper launches on May 17th and there’s an “early bird” notification list so you can make sure you don’t miss out on the limited membership places available..

Watch the inside demo video here: –

[Related: NicheReaper Review]

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A Search Engine Rankings Case Study Report

Further down I’ve posted 2 search engine ranking reports for The Affinity Trading Group. To guard the privacy of my clients, I erased the keyword phrases by which they position for. Nonetheless, I do leave the # of queries as that illustrates the competition level and overall search significance. Although many individuals focus on ranking for huge volume terms, myself included, you should note that low volume keyword phrases are equally of the same quality since they do signify a highly defined particular market versus the more generic greater volume words and phrases and this highly targeted traffic is typically the kind of person that’s particularly hunting for that which you have to supply. To that note, keep in mind, my aim will be to position effectively for each of the desired keyword phrases as I do still focus with those biggies ;-)

The initial document is an image snapshot of a analysis I ran at the end of August. Be aware that my Search engine optimization work with them started at the end of July so this August report consists of approximately one month of Seo work. In July they positioned for just a select few words with those keyword phrases ranking over 50 (1 being the initial position on page 1 and 50 being the last spot on page 5). So as you will find, within a month, I had been able to advance 14 words to the best 20 positions with 5 of them getting top 10. I do not have search values with this review but I will express that their month-to-month search volumes ranged from 1,500 to 22,000.

Getting qualified traffic to website is definitely the most critical part of owning an ecommerce website or blog. In fact, creating the website or blog in the first place is easy compared to getting web traffic.

There is only one suitable kind of traffic to website, and that is people who are ready to take out their credit cards and put their money where their mouth is. Here follow 10 excellent free traffic to website tips.

1. Put aside half a day each week to do your traffic to website work. You will need internet access, peace and quiet to concentrate on what you have to do. There are no shortcuts. There is no silver bullet. But a little work goes a long way in building web traffic.

2. You should add the url of your money site to Yahoo and Google. Do not go for a paid Yahoo listing at first. This is a good way to make the search engines take note of your blog or website. Also make sure that the internal linking on your blog or site is properly done. Related blogs and sites should also link to one another.

Website Traffic Generation is crucial to your success! If no one knows about your website and no-one visits then you will not be able to share your wonderful products or services. Worst yet, you will not make any money. Lots of people will give you ideas of how to drive traffic to your site and we have tried many of them. If your site does not appear within the first 1-2 pages of a search then your chances of getting someone to find your site are incredibly low.

The first thing you must do to get traffic to your site is to build a site that is keyword optimized. Your site must be built around a niche that’s not so narrow that there’s no profit potential, but not so big that it gets lost among all the other competing sites. You’ll need to build a website that is focused around keywords that are in high demand and low supply.

The next goal in website traffic generation is to get websites to link back to yours, which is called in-bound linking. Just like creating a site that is keyword focused is critical, creating in-bound links is just as important. One way to attract in-bound links is through article marketing.

Information On Trust Rank And Page Rank

Knowing the difference between Google Page Rank and Trust Rank is one of the most important things to understand when you’re making a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) website. Your Google ranking will determine the number of visitors to your website, so it makes sense to understand how Google ranks you. Almost of all the traffic on the web comes from Google, so from the beginning you should know the differences between Page Rank and Trust Rank in order to maximize visitors to your site.

Page Rank is used by Google to determine if a website is an authority or not. Google does this by using a numbering system that goes from one to ten. Ten is the highest Page Rank number, and zero is the lowest. Typically companies like Microsoft, Google, or Yahoo will have numbers that are close to the nine or ten rating. Your average website has a Page Rank of anywhere between two and five. Backlinking is important to Page Rank numbers. Typically f there are more direct links to a given website, then there will be a greater chance that it has a higher Page Rank.