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Free Blog Post Graphics Tool

Creating Graphics for blog posts [free software download] If you’re like me, when you’re doing a blog post the last thing on your mind is a cool/funky/interesting graphic to go with it, right? The problem is we really do need to add them, they capture peoples attention and Google prefer your posts that have extra elements on them (e.g. pics, videos etc.), and they’re more likely to catch attention (and potentially go viral) on social media sites like facebook… so really we should be adding a pic to every post we do, but that can be such a pain in... read more

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Blogging Myths Shattered

The are still numerous myths floating around the blogosphere and you really have to marvel at all the different information sources, many of them conflicting.... read more

Get Your Blog Started Quickly with These Traffic Tips

Launching a new blog can be a fun experience, but with all of the competition out there it can be very challenging to get people... read more

Using Good Content To Promote Your Blog