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by Steven Snell

Launching a new blog can be a fun experience, but with all of the competition out there it can be very challenging to get people to actually pay attention to your blog. Readers have so many options to choose from, you must do something to make yours stand out.

Content is critical to every blog, but getting people to notice that content is a real challenge. You could have the greatest content out there, but if no one is seeing it it really isn’t doing you any good.

Want to get that blog off the ground quickly? We’ll look at 7 things you can do to start promoting that blog right away. These are promotional methods that have worked for many bloggers, and they are capable of taking a blog from nowhere to success.

1. Use Social Media

Want a great way to quickly and inexpensively market that new blog? Social media is the answer. Social media sites are capable of sending huge amounts of traffic, which will get you noticed and help to build some in-bound links.

Many bloggers use social media unsuccessfully. To have the best results you need to be an active user yourself. Pick a few social media sites that you want to use to promote your sites and start visiting regularly to get familiar with the site, the users, and the types of content that draw response.

At this point you will want to create content with this audience in mind and try to get some help from your friends with voting for the content and promoting it.

2. Social Networking Profiles

Although you won’t get a huge traffic rush from it, linking to your new blog from your profiles on sites like Facebook and MySpace can be a good start to build some links and start getting some visitors to the blog.

Take just a few minutes to link from your social profiles. If you’re not already using networking sites, set up some profiles and add a link to your blog.

3. Use Twitter

If you’re not already using Twitter, you need to start in order to avoid missing out on a great promotional tool. While Twitter is a conversational tool not created for marketing, many Twitter users post links to their blog posts.

For the best results, be sure that you are also tweeting about other things so that it doesn’t appear that you are blatantly using Twitter only for the purpose of promoting your site.

If you already have an established Twitter account with some followers, this is a great resource to promote your new blog.

4. Online Advertising

If you are willing and able to invest a little bit of money into the blog, adverting can provide a good return. Banner ads are a popular online option and they can be great for increasing your exposure and bringing new visitors.

PPC ads are a cost-effective way to bring new visitors. With Pay-Per-Click advertising you can bid on certain keywords and you will only pay when someone clicks on your ad and visits your site.

5. Submit to Blog Carnivals

A blog carnival is a list of posts on a particular topic. A blog will host a carnival on a certain topic and other bloggers can submit their posts if they are applicable. This is an easy way to start building a few links to a new site.

To find carnivals, visit

6. Write Guest Posts for Other Blogs

My favorite way to promote a new blog is to write for other blogs with a similar audience. This is an extremely effective way to build your name recognition and your reputation, not to mention that you will get a link to your blog in an author bio.

One of the best things about guest posting is that you will get to meet other bloggers and make some valuable connections. Write a quality article for another blogger an they will remember you.

7. Blogroll Link Exchanges

Because links have such a significant impact on search engine rankings, link exchanges are very common. Getting some link partners (maybe 5 -10) in your niche can help to start to build the credibility of your new blog.

Starting to get some in-bound links can help to establish your blog in the eyes of search engines.

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