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Knowing the difference between Google Page Rank and Trust Rank is one of the most important things to understand when you’re making a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) website. Your Google ranking will determine the number of visitors to your website, so it makes sense to understand how Google ranks you. Almost of all the traffic on the web comes from Google, so from the beginning you should know the differences between Page Rank and Trust Rank in order to maximize visitors to your site.

Page Rank is used by Google to determine if a website is an authority or not. Google does this by using a numbering system that goes from one to ten. Ten is the highest Page Rank number, and zero is the lowest. Typically companies like Microsoft, Google, or Yahoo will have numbers that are close to the nine or ten rating. Your average website has a Page Rank of anywhere between two and five. Backlinking is important to Page Rank numbers. Typically f there are more direct links to a given website, then there will be a greater chance that it has a higher Page Rank.

Trust Rank is a ranking that looks a lot closer at websites. There are many pages out on web that are pure spam, filled only with meaninglessness. What Trust Rank essentially does is filter off the spam, and allows those websites that aren’t spam to rise to the top. In order to do this Google uses experts to review specific “seed” websites. Once that website has been analyzed for “trust,” then Google will use that same website to find other websites with similarly valid information. The more relevant content is, then the more likely that webpage will get a higher Trust Rank. In short, what happens is webpages with valid content that are linked together will beget higher Trust Ranks.

Ultimately a combination of high Page Rank ratings and Trust Rank will drive your website’s success. More and more Google and other search engines are placing more importance on smarter rankings like Trust Rank. But the tried and true methods of ranking a website such as Page Rank are still incredibly relevant. So if you’re going to build a good website, then the key is building up both your website’s Trust Rank and Page Rank through known SEO methods.

All said, it’s crucial that any website owner know and understand the two most important tools that Google, the largest search engine in the world, uses to rank pages. Because Google is so powerful, and its rating systems carry so much weight, you’ll want to ensure that your website’s Page Rank and Trust Rank ratings remain high. Understanding how both systems function is essential to implementing successful SEO practices and methods, and you’ll want to have someone on your team from the beginning who can help you navigate the complex maze of SEO.

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